The Ultimate Buisness Card Solution


No need to print Business card Anymore. QuickBC makes it 100% digital.

QuickBC is the best tool to design your digital Business Card (BC) and helps to quit using printed business card. Make your digital business card in 2 minutes and start promoting yourself by sending it to your friends, colleagues or customers. It is very useful for all businesses. If you are a salesman, self-employed, employee, ceo, manger or business owner, you will find this application the best way to present yourself to others.

Quick BC is the best Business Card Maker for 7 reasons :

1- QuickBC allows you to send your business card to anyone anywhere.

2- When updating information in your profile QuickBC synchronize it with all persons who hold your card.

3- QuickBC is an interactive tool that helps you to track your business card and get statistics and detailed figures about it such as number of viewers, collectors or exchangers.

4- QuickBC allows you to manage and organize thousands of business cards

5- QuickBC offers you the best tools you need to design a stylish and beautiful business card. QuickBC is a Business Card Maker in a easy way.

6- QuickBC let you save money by quitting using traditional printed business card.

7- QuickBC is a green application it helps environment. Because when you quit using printed business cards you save thousands of trees from cutting.

It’s time to quit using Printed Business Card and start using Quick BC to design your own digital Business Card.

It’s very easy to use, in few simple steps you’ will be ready to exchange(send and receive) your Business Card  with your clients, suppliers or any person worldwide.

Quick BC is the ultimate solution for Digital Business Cards. You can benefit of many features such as organizing receiving cards, tracking your card holders, update your information at any time and more …

By using Quick BC, you will be able to connecting people rather than just collecting their Business Cards.

QuickBC is more than Business Card Designer and more then Profile Maker, QuickBC is a communication tools that helps you to link yourself with your business environment in easy and fast manner. The aim is not just to collect Business Cards is also to be always connected to people who hold these Business Card. Our slogan is Collect and Connect.

To know more about QuickBC Business Card Maker and know about why it is the best business card solution visit the website